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Vision Insurance

Lately, more and more companies are cutting Vision Insurance from their benefits packages, viewing it as an unnecessary expense. But with healthcare rising and insurance benefits becoming more costly, this could not be further from the truth.

If your company does not offer a Vision insurance plan, you may want to strongly consider acquiring an individual plan for you and your family.

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Vision care insurance is designed to cover routine eye health expenses such as eye exams, contact lens fittings, contact lenses, eyeglass expenses, frames, and may even provide discounts on LASIK procedures. The plan may cover the cost of these items in full, up to a preset limit, or may require the policyholder to pay a flat fee or percentage of the expense. Vision care insurance is, by nature, fairly inexpensive, as it often serves as more of a discount plan as opposed to a true insurance. Eye diseases and non-elective surgery will generally be covered by your existing Health insurance.

At News Insurance, we can help you select the most appropriate plan, keeping your budget in mind.