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Long-Term Care Insurance

It’s estimated that 60% of people over the age of 65 will require some type of Long-Term Care insurance at some point in their lives.

Medicare and private health insurance programs won’t pay for the majority of Long-Term Care services that most people eventually need. These services could include help with personal care such as dressing or even using the bathroom independently. Too often we don’t give this type of care a second thought but the fact remains, many of us will most likely experience these issues as we age and what’s worse, Long-Term Care costs are expected to triple over the next 20-30 years. Can you say that you’re prepared for that reality?

Planning is essential here and Long-Term Care Insurance is a tool designed to assist in that preparation. Long-Term Care Insurance can provide for personal and custodial care for an extended amount of time. Your policy will kick in to help if you experience a prolonged illness, cognitive impairment, or injury and lose at least two of the recognized activities of daily living (ADL’s). There are six categories of ADL’s that are taken into consideration: bathing, dressing, eating, transferring, toileting, and continence.

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