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Contractor Insurance

Starting a successful contractor business has been your dream and now that you’ve achieved it, you want to make sure that you’re protected from every angle. There is a significant amount of financial risk that comes with being a contractor and running your business carries certain obligations and legal responsibilities.

Most clients legally require that you are covered before accepting your contract. Clients can also make claims against your for any mistakes made on their projects. Injuries could occur on the job, leaving your staff or contracted service providers to seek out compensation. These types of claims can be costly.

It’s up to you to protect your business by securing a policy that will cover the costs in the event of being sued for property damage or bodily injury.

This is considered to be a best practice for any independent contractor, as individuals hiring you for your services are likely to contract a company that carries sufficient protection. But if you have plans to pursue federal government or even state and local government contracts, you will be required to carry insurance.

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This type of peace of mind is priceless. News Insurance will help you eliminate the stress and anxiety over accidental damage to property or personal injury to others, leaving you to focus solely on providing the best contracting services possible.

We can help assess your needs and determine the best way to shield you and your business from financial devastation. We provide all the various forms of insurance and bonds necessary for contractors. Whether you need commercial general liability coverage or a license or permit bond our office can supply all your business needs to protect your business operations and ensure your business is in compliance with state requirements.