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Business Insurance

Compare the insurance market with the assistance of NEWS insurance for the cheapest business and commercial insurance quotes with a top quality cover by utilizing our easy to use online comparisons in Los Angeles. If you are an independent professional, a business owner, or self-employed, business insurance can assist to protect you and your company against unexpected costs.

Commercial Insurance can be sophisticated as each business has various needs and requirements. News Insurance has over 35 years of experience, representing 50 major insurance companies and offers wide range of services to give you the right protection. Business insurance is generally sold as a package, bringing together a number of distinct policies under one premium.

Each company may have distinct procedures of rating. Some are based on annual sales, some are based on area, and some based on contents limits for the same coverage. As insurance specialists, we at NEWS Insurance search multiple companies to provide you the best possible premium.

What we need is some basic information about you and your business and we will do the rest. The form of policies that you need and the value of your premium will be based on a number of aspects including:

  • 1. The nature of your business
  • 2. Your insurance claims history
  • 3. The number of people you employ
  • 4. Your business’ annual turnover

Please allow News Insurance Services to build you a custom Business Insurance Policy. Just click on the Icon for each coverage and read a description that you may wish to discuss with our trusted advisors.

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